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HTH podcast ep. 43: You don’t pay Mario Lemieux to not score goals

There’s a lot of depressing shit going on in the world today, so Bob and Dan decide to have a lighter-hearted episode this week. They tried a new twist on the name game, as Bob quizzes Dan on, “Pokemon or Big Data” and Dan quizzes Bob on pairs of brothers playing in the NHL.

Then, the guys showcase a handful of classic examples of NHL players doing car commercials–either dealerships or rentals. Evgeni Malkin, Adam Graves, Alex Ovechkin, Max Talbot, Mario Lemieux, and Wayne Gretzky are all featured. Finally, Dan gives Bob some advice on getting engagement photos taken.

Hashtag Hockey Podcast episode 41: Dapper Cal Clutterbuck

This week’s topics:

This American Life 20th anniversary. The guys share recent favorites of the acclaimed radio series.

Hockey Birthdays — Bob tries to stump Dan by providing a player’s last name for him to guess the first name.

Player Spotlight: Cal Clutterbuck! We recorded on his birthday, so it only seemed right to talk about him this week. Plus, a few Clutterbuck-related trivia questions.

Additional topics include the new format for the NHL All Star Game, and new video games the guys are playing.