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Music We Love – Edition 1

On a recent episode of the Hashtag Hockey Podcast, we talked about some new albums that we have been really enjoying. So, Dan decided to jot down some information about some of the bands and albums we discussed. Enjoy!

Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats (August 2015, Stax Records)

Two parts Rock & Roll, one part Gospel, one part Folk, topped with a healthy dose of brass and Blues is the ideal recipe for the cocktail to which we might just drink our lives away.  Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats have created an album that is joyful, honest, and just a lot of fun to listen to.  While the song “S.O.B.” may not be the truest representation of what Rateliff does (it was written as a joke), it is a great example of how this group can do no wrong.  The song is undeniably catchy, and is brilliant in the way that the central joke, “If I can’t get clean, I’m going to drink my life away,” blurs the line between absurdity and reality.  This self-titled album will keep you warm during some of the cold Winter nights ahead.  Well, maybe this and a bottle of bourbon.  Enjoy responsibly! Continue reading Music We Love – Edition 1

Hashtag Hockey Podcast ep 42 – The finer things

Dan tries to focus on recording a podcast while playing daily fantasy, then talks about still being new to Twitter and getting told to RTFB!

Then, the guys discuss Thanksgiving traditions, and changing traditions as families grow and change. Bob wonders if a vegan pumpkin pie is something to bring to the family dinner.

Feature segment this week: Music! How do people discover music, and does that affect how much they like it. Should music be consumed as albums or as songs? What makes “good music” and how can we apply that to “good hockey”?

These topics and more. Make sure to follow @HTHpod on Twitter!

Hashtag Hockey Podcast episode 41: Dapper Cal Clutterbuck

This week’s topics:

This American Life 20th anniversary. The guys share recent favorites of the acclaimed radio series.

Hockey Birthdays — Bob tries to stump Dan by providing a player’s last name for him to guess the first name.

Player Spotlight: Cal Clutterbuck! We recorded on his birthday, so it only seemed right to talk about him this week. Plus, a few Clutterbuck-related trivia questions.

Additional topics include the new format for the NHL All Star Game, and new video games the guys are playing.