New Feature on the HTH blog: Wild Game Scores!

A new development in the NHL stats community this year is a stat called Game Score. They have existed in baseball and basketball in previous years, and now we have them for hockey. The idea is that a bunch of factors get put together with different weights to end up with a single number that assesses how good or bad of a game a player had.

Additionally, game scores tend to be adjusted so that they more or less equate with points, to make them interpretable. Meaning, game scores for hockey usually tend to be from 0-3, so you can easily get a sense of just how good or bad a guy’s night was.

Here is the original game score post, so you can read all about the stat. The author does a much better job than me of explaining how it was created and why, Measuring Single Game Productivity: An Introduction to Game Score

I was recently contacted by a guy named Derek who has been pulling the Wild game scores from Corsica, and he offered to let me put them on the HTH blog, which I thought was a great idea. Each week, I will be creating a single post that includes the game score breakdowns for each game during that week, and then updating it as the games happen. I will put up this week’s scores later this morning.

Also, Derek was a guest on the HTH podcast this week, so look forward to hearing him discuss the stat with me! The pod will be posted late tonight (Friday) or else Saturday morning.

HTH pod ep 52 – Lovely groomed ginger beards

Bob and Dan are joined by Carolyn and Merrin of the Deep in the Heart of Hockey podcast. They talk about the Stars surprisingly bad season, the Wild’s surprisingly good season, and why the Blackhawks are actually bad. They delve into the details of why zone exits are so important, why defense doesn’t really help win games, and the design aspects of fancy stats charts. Plus, who’s got the best beard in the NHL?

HTH pod ep 51 – Indiana Jones and the Lost Episode

Bob and Dan discuss the Wild’s current hot streak, including several players who have been pleasant surprises, such as Matt Dumba, Mikael Granlund, and YES! even Zach Parise! Then they discuss the World Junior Tournament gold medal game, and the Wild prospects that shined during the tournament.

The guys need your help identifying and collecting data on Twin Cities outdoor rinks! As described in this episode, here is the link to the spreadsheet:

Finally, there is a blogger/podcaster/HTH fan skate happening January 15th probably in Roseville. Check the blog or our twitters for more details. Hope to see you there!

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Snap Shots: Shot Attempts vs Scoring Chances in the Fancy Stat era

Hey y’all! I wanted to put up one more quick post before taking the rest of the month off for the holidays. One very clear trend that the Minnesota Wild have been exhibiting this year–particularly in the last few weeks–is a real propensity to generate scoring chances while limiting the opponent’s chances. Take a look at the shot maps from Saturday’s game against the Coyotes (who are among the worst in the league, but Minnesota has done this against a lot of teams): Continue reading Snap Shots: Shot Attempts vs Scoring Chances in the Fancy Stat era

HTH pod ep 50 pt 1 – Disciplined Aggression, Spurgeon da god

In part-1 of this week’s mega episode, Bob and Dan discuss the crippling cold weather in Minnesota, then jump into the hockey birthdays and discuss the Disciplined Aggression Proxy stat that Bob worked on all week. What is it, what does it try to measure, and which NHL and Wild players show the best disciplined aggression? (Hint: Spurgeon da god)

#MNWild Disciplined Aggression – The Kids are Alright

I’ve spent the week looking at a stat called the Disciplined Aggression Proxy (DAP), which attempts to show which players play a physical game without taking many minor penalties like slashing or interference, thereby putting the team at a disadvantage for two minutes. If you missed the first two posts for some reason, check out Part 1 and Part 2. Go ahead, I’ll wait. These numbers won’t mean anything if you don’t know the methodology. Continue reading #MNWild Disciplined Aggression – The Kids are Alright

Hand-Crafted Fancy Stats: Disciplined Aggression–Part 2

Earlier in the week, I wrote about a statistic called Disciplined Aggression Proxy, which gives us a better idea of which players play a very physical game, but do not take a lot of penalties in the process. If you didn’t read part 1, check it out now because there will be no other preamble today, I’m just going to jump into the results.

On Monday, I looked at just 2016-17, which I admitted was too small of a sample size. For today’s analysis, I used stats from the beginning of the 15-16 season, and used a cut-off of 50 games played. I suppose 50 games is still pretty small, ideally we’d want to look at 80-100 games or more. But, as we will see, a lot of players in the sample have about that many games anyway. In the tables, I will include GP so we have an idea of how long a player has been able to keep up a high DAP. I am sort of thinking of it like ERA in baseball–a closer who has a 2.0 ERA is great, but a starting pitcher who has the same ERA over a couple hundred innings pitched is a bit more impressive. Continue reading Hand-Crafted Fancy Stats: Disciplined Aggression–Part 2